• Calibration in advance, automatic zero calibration, automatic fault diagnosis function, greatly reduce the maintenance work required
  • Can choose PM10 and PM2.5 cutter to realize the monitoring of different diameter particles
  • A variety of transport ways such as RS232/485, USB, GPRS, Ethernet, achieve real-time remote monitoring and data transmission
  • The built-in LCD touch control, convenient to operate at the scene of mobile platforms such as the on-board monitoring station
  • Less than 60 μCi of sealed radiation sources, do not need to worry about radiation safety

DPM-6000 Ambient Particulate Matter Detector

Product Description

DPM-6000 ambient particulate matter detector using β ray attenuation counting principle. On the basis of products accuracy, stability, reliability and economy, a new generation of ambient particulate matter detector is introduced to measure PM2.5, PM10 and dust particles of other cutting size. It can be widely used in air quality monitoring, mobile ambient monitoring station and real-time respirable particles monitoring in industry, building, residential area.occupational disease research institute, indoor environment monitor, heavy metal analysis and etc.

Device design of β ray attenuation complying with US EPA and national standard. The detector adopts enrichment technology of ambient particulate matter;uses EPA standard cutting head for ambient particulate matter: TSP, PM10, PM2.6; is with simple but reliable mechanical driving structure and modularized design which ensure accurate and reliable measurement and guarantee the device can work for long term.

Principle introduction

The main principle of this analyzer mainly uses enrichment technology of ambient particulate matter and β-ray attenuation method. The particulate matter smaller than 2.5μm is automatically concentrated on rolling type filter film. The β ray produced by irradiator C14 passes through the filter film and is received by detector. The detector consists of photomultiplier, plastic scintillator and counter. As per according to the energy of received β ray, it can realize quantitative analyze the enrichment thickness and work out the P2.5 concentration.


Simulated identification and aerodynamics based cutting head, providing various selection of accurate particle sizes: PM1, PM2.5, PM10, TSP
β ray attenuation complying with US EPA and national standard
Flow control system with precise closed loop feedback; stable sampling flow and small error
Sampling flow is measured by mass flow sensor and corrected by collecting ambient temperature and pressure to get the sampling flow as field condition.
Use C14 source which is of low-density,low activity and long half-life to realize stable measurement. No special protection is needed. Reliable and safe. No radioactive contamination will be caused
Flexible paper-pressing structure. Mechanical driving design is simple and reliable; greatly reduce paper breaking and paper jam and avoid the error caused by the moving of filter paper.
Pipeline heating system is used to eliminate interference from ambient humidity and make the detector fit into sudden change of the weather
Low maintenance frequency, once per year
Various external ports, such as RS232/RS485, 4~20mA and etc
Step-by-step motor precisely controls paper rolling system by using photo isolator. High accuracy of repeat position, simple construction

Method  the beta decay method
Monitoring objects  PM10 / PM2.5
Range  0 ~ 5 mg/m3
Detection limit  10 g/m3
Linearity  correlation coefficient > 0.99
Sampling Flow  16.7 L/min
Sampling Time  5-1000 minutes
Flow Error  ≤1% F.S.
Membrane Filter Replacement  3 months
Working Temperature  0 ~ 40 ℃


Apply to environmental air quality monitoring place such as industrial pollution area, residential area, city, etc.