★Core components imported, high performance, high reliability
★Probe heated to prevent sensor damaged by condensation
★Numeric processing, strong anti-interference

Humidity analyzer is also known as moisture or dew point analyzer for measuring pollutant emissions flue gas humidity with wet gas concentration being converted to dry gas concentration, also can be used for industrial on-line moisture monitoring. HM-100 can be installed directly through the flange to the flue or chimney. Signal of humidity and temperature output through the 4-20mA or RS485.

Humidity 0~40%VOL
Temperature 0~180℃
Accuracy ±2%F.S.
Response Time <10s(T90)
Limit Of Flue Gas Temperature <180℃
Working Temperature -10℃~+50℃
The Life Of Humidity Capacitor >5 years
Signal Output 2×4-20mA(load 250Ω) and RS232
Humidity Alarm Output 2 relay output, Stem node capacity 125VAC,0.5A
Power 220VAC,40W

Apply to the detection of medium humidity, it can be widely used in the measurement and control process of printing and dyeing, steaming, drying, tobacco, wood, paper industry humidity; chemicals, pharmaceuticals, fibers, textile industry; tobacco, vegetable, food processing, etc.. At the same time, it is also available for the monitoring and control of soot emission, flue gas desulfurization and dedusting applications with CEMS.