Ultra-high-precision pressure sensor achieves the measurement of  low-flow(2m/s)
LCD operating unit provides good human-machine interaction interface
Timing backblow time, velocity field parameters and Pitot tube coefficient can be set
Overvoltage protection effectively avoids pressure sensor being damaged and reducing operating costs
Strengthen output signal protection

PT-500 is designed for low velocity (2m/s~5m/s) applications. The instrument uses precision micro-differential pressure/static press. sensor and unique pitot tube structural design, combined with auto. cal. and cleaning. It can be widely used for real-time and continuous measurements of flue gas temp., press., and velocity as well as flow quantity.

Velocity  0~15m/s 0~40m/s (Customizable)
Temperature  0~300℃ 0~800℃
Pressure  -10kPa~+10kPa(Customizable)
Measuring Accuracy  ±2%F.S.
Response Time  <1s
Signal Output  3× 4-20mA, RS485/GPRS
 Material of Pitot Tube  316L steel、 PTFE (Optional)
Power Supply of Blowback Electromagnetic Valve  220VAC 50Hz
Limit of Differential Press. Transmitter  4.0MPa

Apply to velocity ,temperature, pressure of high temperature, humidity and dusty gas in a variety of boiler, furnace flue and mine exhaust pipes.