Real time measuring temperature, pressure and flow velocity, analog output: 3× 4 -20mA
Suitable for extreme conditions such as high dust, high temperature and high humidity
High measure precision, high reliability and can work continuously for a long time
Equipped with counter blowing unit, can regularly clean the particles in the total pressure end and static pressure end of the pitot
Compact structure, convenient to install and connect, low maintenance

PT-500L is an integration monitor of temperature, pressure and flow velocity which designed for high dust,high temperature and high humidity. The instrument uses precision micro-differential pressure/static pressure sensor and a unique pitot tube structural design, combined with automatic cleaning. It can be widely used for real-time and continuous measurements of flue gas temperature, pressure, and flow velocity as well as flow quantity.Compared with the same kind of flow measurement instruments, it has obvious advantages in performance, installation, maintenance, cost, adaptation ofcomplex conditions and so on.

Velocity  0~40m/s (Customizable)
Temperature  0~300℃ 0~800℃
Pressure  -10kPa~+10kPa(Customizable)
Measuring Accuracy ±2%F.S.
Calibration Frequency  12months
Response Time <1s
Signal Output  4-20mA
 Power Supply of Differential Pressure Transmitter  24VDC, two-wire system
Material of Pitot Tube  316、 316L steel、 PTFE (Optional)
Power of Back-Flushing Electromagnetic Valve  220VAC, 50Hz
Over-Voltage Limit of Differential Pressure Transmitter 4.0MPa
Insert Length of Pitot Tube 500-2000mm (Optional)
Working Temperature  -40℃~+85℃

Apply to velocity, temperature, pressure of high temperature, humidity and dusty gas in a variety of boiler, furnace flue and mine exhaust pipes.